15 June 2022 | 10:30am – 11:30am AEDT Sydney



In this conversational piece Tim and Colin explore the first challenges that many experience in their industrial transformational journey: how to reduce data silos and complexity in order to make critical industrial information available across your business.

  • Why securing data ownership and increasing enterprise data literacy is imperative for success in the new data-driven culture
  • The growing need to create, acquire and transfer knowledge that aids collaboration and improves efficiency and productivity
  • Enabling operations to go faster and bigger with new levels of agility and flexibility
  • Creating systems for the future that leverage your rich history from edge and on-prem through to the new opportunities unlocked by cloud and industrial SaaS


Colin T Farrelly – Indago Partners, Melbourne Australia

A geoscientist with a long career in technology applied to mining and petroleum industries, and a consultant for over 25 years helping resource companies compete in a rapidly changing business environment.  Co-founder of Indago Partners, an advisory to resource companies and their suppliers on the benefits and pitfalls of transformational change involving new technology.  Consulting experience includes mineral resource evaluation, digital strategy, knowledge management, decision governance, real-time operations architecture, remote operations, and innovation management. He is also a Director of the Pearcey Institute, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at socio-economic research into disruptive innovation impacting industries of importance to Australia.


Tim Sowell, Portfolio Architect/ Strategy AVEVA

Tim Sowell, has 35+ years of international experience in industrial software applications and development. His passion is building products and technologies that will take industry production to the next paradigm of operational excellence with a current focus on the Digital Transformation across all markets, enabling the agile operations, in the dynamic world we live.

Geoff Hird | Webinar Moderator | WF Media

As Managing Director at WF Media, Geoff has over 30 years’ experience in technology and industrial business-to-business media. Geoff keeps a close eye on industry trends and developments, especially in terms of technology disruption.


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