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Wednesday, 27 October 2021
10:30am AEST
Online webinar

Better data, information flow and situational awareness is critical to business outcomes and profitability across all industrial operations. Increasingly, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) components are incorporated to deliver better communication within sites, workgroups and operations.

A fully connected communications ecosystem provides earlier alerts to incidents before they escalate, better predictive maintenance and situational awareness at the workplace. New technologies such as machine learning, analytics, and automated alerts now play a greater role more than ever before in ensuring the health and safety of employees at work.

Safety reimagined, technology for a safer world

In this webinar, we speak with the team at Motorola Solutions to understand how its SAFETY REIMAGINED unified ecosystem and methodology allows  manufacturing, utilities and industrial operations to embed better intelligence, proactive incident responses, and ensure a higher level of operational compliance and best practices. By focusing on the 4 pillars of the Safety Reimagined program – DETECT, ANALYSE, COMMUNICATE and RESPOND – businesses will be more responsive to changing dynamics that could impact the safety of their people, or even grind their operations to a halt.


Victor Nigam

Victor Nigam, Strategic Solutions Specialist, Motorola Solutions Inc.

Communications professional with more than 12 years in Motorola Solutions Inc. serving  clients across Public Safety, Commercial and NFP organisations. His proven track record in building client relationships has led Victor to be a sought-after speaker at local and international events. Victor is Motorola’s subject matter expert on the Manufacturing industry vertical.

Logan Caulfield

Logan Caulfield, Channel Manager for Motorola Solution NZ, Pacific Islands & PNG

Logan is a solutions-driven comms professional, with more than 15 years’ experience spanning government, enterprise and SME customers, with in-depth expertise in industrial and manufacturing engineering solutions, communications, mobility, safety, control room and more recently in mobile video. Logan takes pride in driving premium operational outcomes that deliver on complex requirements for customers with multiple ICT challenges.


Geoff Hird is Publisher and Managing Director at WF Media. He has over 30 years’ experience in technology and industrial business-to-business media. From his senior position at one of Australia’s premier specialist media companies, Geoff keeps a close eye on industry trends and developments, especially in terms of technology disruption.

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