Lead Generation

You’ve booked a Lead Guarantee program – what happens next?

  1. You need to send your white paper(s) to your account manager so the campaign team and publisher can review suitability. For tips on what makes a successful white paper, see our infographic, titled B2B Lead Gen Success Tip #1
  2. Your Campaign Manager will follow up with feedback and a schedule for the eDM activity on your campaign.
  3. If your white paper assets are not deemed suitable, based on our 13+ years of lead gen campaign experience, we can assist with content creation at a very competitive rate.
  4. The campaign team will write copy for the eDM broadcast, using key extracts from your white paper as a guideline. The aim of this eDM is to optimise downloads, and our experienced team know how to create subject lines and eDM copy to generate clicks from our audience.
  5. If more than one eDM is required to deliver your lead guarantee, ideally we would like a second asset to send out, but if not we would adjust the subject line, and maybe the eDM copy as well.
  6. Once the program is closed, you will receive the full lead report and an important infographic on best practices for lead gen follow-up.
  7. It’s important to understand that these leads are not hard sales leads. They are in the research phase of the buying cycle and need to be nurtured appropriately by your marketing or support team.


A well-written, targeted white paper is key


Lead Nurture will optimise results from your campaign